Jacque-Lynne Amann Schulman was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Ignace Lee Amann and Jane Dunnock Brewer. She is a life-long resident of the greater Washington Metropolitan area. Her Maryland ancestors arrived in the mid-1650s and settled in what is now Calvert County. Her home is within a few miles of the original tract of my Preston ancestor Thomas Preston (1650s). Her Virginia legacy are Jamestown 1609 and Northampton County Virginia 1633. Ms. Schulman has two children Joshua Schulman (Karen DiLossi) and Jon Schulman (Katharyn Nolan). She has a BA from George Washington University, she attended MS Catholic University, MS George Washington University, and was a PhD candidate at Virginia Polytech – VPI.

Ms. Schulman is a Senior Technical Information Specialist, NLM, National Institutes of Health; Assistant Head, Reference Section National Library of Medicine, Head, Circulation and Control Section, National Library of Medicine, Information Specialist, Pergamon International, Head Reference Unit, George Washington Medical Center, Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library.

Society Memberships

  • National Society United States Daughters of 1812 (Honorary President National {2015-2018}; Past 4th Vice President National; Past Librarian National; Virginia State President)

  • The Jamestowne Society (Member of the Council; Registrar, 2014-2016; past Governor Washington and Northern Virginia Company)

  • National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars (Recording Secretary General 2016-2018; Organizing Secretary General; Past President in the Commonwealth of Virginia)

  • National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (Corresponding Secretary General 2021-2023; Organizing President General 2019-2021; Past Recording Secretary General; Captain General 2016-2017; Branch Governor)

  • National Society Daughters of American Colonists (Honorary Virginia Branch Governor; Honorary State Regent, District of Columbia)

  • National Society Children of the American Colonists (Past Treasurer General)

  • National Society Colonial Dames of America in the State of Maryland (member Southern Committee)

  • National Society Descendants of Early Quakers (National Recording Clerk 2021-2023)

  • National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (Past Regent, John Alexander Chapter; Regent, State Chairman; Organizing member and Capitol Chapter of the District of Columbia State Society)

  • First Families of Maryland (Chaplain General)

  • Continental Society Daughters of Indians Wars (Governor, D.C. Society; Corresponding Secretary General)

  • National Society Colonial Dames of America (State of Maryland member, Southern Committee)

  • National Society Colonial Dames 17th Century (Chapter President; State Chairman; State Vice-President)

  • National Society Dames of the Court of Honors (State Recording Secretary; Other State Chaplain)

  • National Society Southern Dames (State Chaplain)

  • United Daughters of the Confederacy (Chapter President; Division Officer)

  • Order of First Families of Virginia

  • Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar

  • Descendants of Sheriffs and Constables of Colonial and Antebellum America

  • Flagon and Trencher

  •  Guild of Colonial Artisans and Tradesmen 1607-1783

  • Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers

  • Order of Descendants of Colonial Physician and Chirugiens

  • National Society Descendants of American Farmers

  • Descendants of Continental Colonial Officers

Other Memberships

  • South Dorchester Folk Museum, Dorchester, Maryland, (President; Program Chairman and Trustee)

  • Dorchester County Historical Society, Dorchester, Maryland, (Past President; Trustee)

  • McLean Historical Society, Virginia, (Past President)

  • Historical Society of Fairfax County (Past President)

  • Jamestown 2007 Committee

  • Fairfax County Federation of Civic Associations Board

  • District of Columbia Library Association (Past President, 1985-86) 

  • Special Libraries Association 1981-84 (Board, Washington D.C. Chapter)

  • Calvert County Historical Society, Maryland

  • Maryland Historic Society (Maryland Center for History and Culture)

Other Notes

Milton United Methodist Church, Dorchester, Maryland, (Past President of Trustees; Chairman of the Church Council), she has enjoyed the opportunity serving as a Chaplain for several State Hereditary societies. 

Ms. Schulman is currently writing a history of the Church Creek Charge of the United Methodist Church. The first Methodist Church built in the Eastern Shore (1787) Dorchester County is in that Charge and on the NRHP.