This site endeavors not only to acknowledge the genealogical and historical work of hereditary societies themselves, but also that of certain individuals active in the hereditary society community at large. These individuals are men and women of character and dedication who have been deemed worthy of special acknowledgement.

Each year, a number of new Honorary Members will be nominated, elected and inducted. Suggestions are welcome, although the HSC Advisor Council chooses the Honorary Members for this honor. A retiring President General of the Society of the Cincinnati; a retiring President General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution; and a retiring President of the National Gavel Society, (if he or she chose to join the Advisory Council when eligible), as well as any retiring HSC Advisor, are automatically elected to the Class for the year in which they retire, in addition to the Honorary Members inducted that year.

There is no fee for new Honorary Members. Each new Member is listed on the Annual Honor Roll on this page, and will receive a personal web page, linked to their name, if they so desire. The Honorary Member listings remain a part of this site perpetually and are updated regularly with relevant information.

In determining prospective Honorary Members, the Advisors consider the following elements: society leadership, membership, service, tenure, personal character, and life-long accomplishments.