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All inquiries will be answered in a timely fashion, but no assistance will be given, except in answering basic questions about the site. If you are interested in a specific society, it is best to contact that society directly, if and when appropriate. The information available about each society on this site is the full extent of what the HSC webmaster will discuss. Please do not ask for other information. In addition, the webmaster appreciates friendliness and patience.

If any information on the site is inaccurate or incomplete, corrections are greatly appreciated. The submission form included on the site is the best mode of communication regarding new societies.

The HSC website is comprised of original text, and approved graphic designs and photographs (by permission, legal allowances or, generally, by original ownership). In instances where no viable, original, or online source for a membership requirement was available, the text listed is the essential requirement data. As previously stated, updates and clarifications are welcome.

The Diamond Eagle photograph is displayed with the permission of the General Society of the Cincinnati. The bald eagle photograph is displayed as a public domain image acquired from The DAR insignia photographs are displayed with the permission of the DAR Insignia Committee.

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