This database within the HSC website includes all known names, addresses, websites, founding dates, descriptions and membership guidelines for active hereditary societies within the United States of America. The listings below are alphabetical, and the index links at the bottom of this text will direct you to the page you seek.

Contact information and other relevant details may occasionally become outdated. HSC welcomes notification of new societies, as well as updated information regarding existing societies. If any information here is incorrect, or the officers of any society listed here wish certain elements to be altered or removed, please contact HSC here.

The criteria used when determining whether an organization is a qualifying HSC hereditary society is comprised of several factors. The nature of, and requirements for membership, the structure of the organization and the scope of membership allowance are considered. Some lineage societies recognize descent from a single, specific ancestor. Because of the growing number of such organizations, HSC has designated a separate page for singular ancestor societies, which can be accessed here. In exceptional cases, allowances are made for single ancestor societies within the primary society listings, if it is determined that the ancestor is of sufficient historical significance. Those exceptions include well-known Old World monarchs, Thomas Jefferson, and Mayflower Compact signers.

Furthermore, HSC presents the information included on this website, simply as a consolidated list of recognized lineage societies. In no way does HSC validate the integrity of the genealogical standards or membership qualifications of any specific group, but simply presents the information as a source of data. We encourage anyone interested in membership to carefully evaluate the reputation and genealogical standards of each, respective lineage society before becoming a member, or making a payment or contributions.

Please keep in mind, those societies which list "membership is by invitation only" should not be contacted concerning membership. Such organizations catalyze their membership base through relationships and networks within their existing membership base. Contacting these groups without an invitation or a sponsor, may hinder a potential member's future candidacy in certain lineage societies. HSC strongly advises against contacting those societies, except in cases of peripheral research or through the existing members of that society.