COL Joseph Buckner Sullivan

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Colonel Joseph Buckner Sullivan

Joseph Buckner Sullivan, son of Joseph James Sullivan and Mary Helen Buckner, is a native of Seattle, Washington.  COL Sullivan attended Shrivenham American University in England in 1945.  He was graduated from the University of Washington, receiving a BS in Education in 1948, as well as a BS in Pharmacy in 1952.  He also attended the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, National War College, Armed Forces Staff College, Chemical Corps School and the Army Medical Field Service School.

COL Sullivan originally enlisted service with the 50th General Hospital in World War II European Theater of Operations. He was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in the Chemical Corps U.S. Army Reserve in 1949. After thirty-four years continuous service in active reserve, COL Sullivan retired in 1984 as a Colonel (0-6) Medical Service Corps.  He then worked as a pharmacist and food chemist in the retail industry, retiring in 1989.

COL Sullivan is married to Betty Mae (Williams) Sullivan, and they have a daughter: Kathleen Marie Sullivan; and two granddaughters: Maya Cecelia Sullivan and Miranda Paige Hamblin.  The Sullivans reside in Seattle, Washington.

Society Memberships

* General Society Sons of the Revolution (former Vice President for 
   Region 6; former registrar Washington Society)
* Order of the Merovingian Dynasty
* Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States
* Jamestowne Society (Registrar for the Great Northwest Company
* National Society Washington Family Descendants
* Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry
* Aztec Club of 1847
* Veteran Corp Corps of Artillery in the State of New York
* Military Society of the War of 1812
* Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States
* Order of Indian Wars of the United States
* Order of Lafayette
* Presidential Families of America
* Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Chivalric Orders
* Grace, Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of
   Rhodes and of Malta (Knight of Magistral)
* Sacred Military Constantinian Order  of St. George (Knight of Merit)

Other Notes
COL Sullivan was granted armorial bearings by the Chief Herald of Ireland in 2002.  His Arms are listed in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry International Register of Arms and the American College of Heraldry.

In addition, COL Sullivan is a member of the Seattle Last Man’s Club of World War II (past President and permanent Secretary-Treasurer); the Reserve Officers Association of the U.S Department of Washington past president (1976); the Seattle Genealogical Society (past Treasurer, 1989); Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity (1949); Washington State Pharmacist’s Association, American Legion, VFW, Senior Army Reserve Commander’s Association., Association of the U.S. Army.

A Roman Catholic, COL Sullivan is a member Saint James Cathedral Parish in Seattle, Washington.

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