Shelby Dean Ward

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Shelby Dean Ward

President of SDW Real Estate Investments
Travel Consultant with Adventure Travel
Secretary - Treasurer of Rayward Realty and Wardean, Inc

Society Memberships

Society Name Highest Office Held
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Past Vice President General
National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century National Parliamentarian
Natio;n;al Society Daughters of American Colonist Parliamenarian National
National Society United States Daughters of 1812 Honorary President National
National Society Magna Charta Dames & Barons Councilor
Society of Sons & Daughters of Pilgrims National Chairman
National Society Colonial Wars Honorary State Governor
American College of Genealogist Fellow
United Daughters of the Confederacy Division Parliamentarian
National Society Dames of the Ckourt of Honor Recording Secretary General
Continental Society Daughters of Indian War Honorary Governor General
Society Friends of St Geroge's & Descendant of Knight of Garter
Herediary Order Descendants of Loyal and Patriots of the American Revollution
Sons & Daughters of Colonial and Antebellem Bench and Bar
Sovergien Colonial Society Americans of Royal Descent
Order of Descendants Ancietnt Planters 1607 - 1616 National President
The Plantagenent Society
Order of the Descendants of Justiciars Parliamentarian
Natioanl Society Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century
Society of Descendants of Lady Godiva
Sons & Dauaghters of Virginia Founding Fathers
Order of Three Crusades 1096 -1192
Order of Norman Conquest
Order of Alba
Order of Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America
The National Guild of St. Margaret of Scotland
Order of Merovincian Dynasty

Other Notes
* Elected twice to the House of Representatives in Alabama
* First Baptist Church of Opelika
* Girl Scouts of America
* Garden Club of Alabama
* Opelika Arts Association
* Opelika Historical Presercation Society
* The Genealogical Society of East Alabama
* Johnston Clan
* Stewart Clan
* Opelika Exchangettes
* Opelika Beautification Committee
* Opelika Tree Commission


Chivalric Orders

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