Christian Douglas Quick

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Christian Douglas Quick

Christian Douglas Quick is a 15th generation American and a native of Durham, North Carolina.  He is the son of Kenneth Douglas Quick and Catherine Lynne Odom Quick, and grandson of John Kenneth Quick, the late Mary Beverage Quick Delahay, LTC Charles Robert and Carla Whitehurst Odom.  Mr. Quick is a graduate of Voyager Academy.  He received his BA degree from Hampden Sydney College in Economics with minor in Rhetoric.  Christian Quick served as Chairman of the President's Men, Treasurer of Theta Chi Fraternity and as a member of the Student Senate.  He is a mortgage loan originator with Pinnacle Funding, Inc.


* Baronial Order of Magna Charta
* Descendant of Brian Boru (Founding Member)
* Descendants of Early Postmasters 1607-1900 (Founding
* Descendants of Sherriffs and Constables of Colonial and
   Antebellum America
* Descendants of the Knights of the Bath
* Descendants of the Templar Knights (Charter Member)
* Flagon and Trencher, Descendants of Early Tavern Keepers
* General Society of Colonial Wars (Member of the North Carolina
* Hereditary Order of the Descendants of the Loyalists and
   Patriots of the American Revolution
* Hereditary Order of the Presidents and First Ladies of
* Hereditary Order of the Red Dragon (Charter Member)

* Jamestowne Society
* Legion of Vikings and Valyries (Charter Member)
* Military Order of the Crusades
* National Guild of Saint Margaret of Scotland
* National Society Descendants of American Farmers
* National SocietyDescendants of Colonial Mothers 1607-July 4, 1776
   (Founding Member)

* National Society of Saints and Sinners
* National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters
* Order of Alba

* Order of First Families of North Carolina

* Order of Indian Wars of the United States
* Order of the Sovereigns of Ancient Scandinavia (Charter Member)
* Order of the Descendants of El Cid (Charter Member)

* Order of the Descendants of the Justiciars (Charter Member)
* Order of the House of Wessex (Founding Member)
* Order of the Kings and Queens in the Holy Lands (Founding
   Advisory Council)

* Order of the Monarchs of Rheims (Founding Member)
* Order of the Vietnam War

* Order of World War I
* Plymouth Hereditary Society

* Presidential Families of America
* Registry of Infamous and Famous Relatives in American
* Saint Andrew's Society of North Carolina
* Society of the 1704 Virginia Quit Rents (Charter Member)
* Society of the Descendants of Lady Godiva

* Sons and Daughters of Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar 1565-1861
* Sons and Daughters of Virginia Founding Fathers
* The IX
* Winthrop Society

Mr. Quick has received the Gloriae Coronam cum Sceptro (Crown and Sceptre) in recognition of his membership and outstanding support of numerous European royally-focused lineage societies.


Other Notes:

Mr. Quick was the recipient of the Mayor’s Award in May of 2016.  This award provides  Research Triangle area students the opportunity to learn and serve their community.  He also received the Service Laureate Award from Voyager Academy.  


Athletic honors and awards include

* All State Sophomore and Junior seasons in doubles

* All Region Sophomore,  Junior and Senior seasons

* All Conference Sophomore,  Junior and Senior Seasons

* Team captain Junior and Senior seasons

* North Carolina State Semi Finalist doubles 2014

* Team Most Valuable Player Award 2015 and 2016
* Service Club-Voyager Academy
* Young Life


Christian Quick organized Topspin Tennis and through this program he taught beginner tennis lessons to students in First through Third grades focusing on fundamentals of tennis.

















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