HSC Patronage


The Hereditary Society Community of the United States is a non-profit organization dependent on the financial support of individuals and organizations which support our mission and values.  It is our intention and privilege to publicly recognize and honor those individuals who have given significantly to HSC.

Perpetual Sponsors

(Individuals Listed Alphabetically)

Hon. Richard Bender Abell *
Barbara Roberts Baylis
Mary Alma Baxter Birch

Dr. Thomas Edward Bird
Joyce May McGehee Bockemuehl
Caroline Bowen *
LTC Lawrence King Casey, Jr.
Robert Murel Clark, Jr., Esq.
Maurene Gayle Mast Coan
Thomas Donald Coan, Jr.
Jon Paul Raymond Daddysman, Sr. *
Mrs. Paul Volney Devoe
Charles Edward Francis Drake, M.D.
Duncan Cairnes Ely
Christine A. Fortenberry Eaton
Virginia Wood Frost
Wilma Wadsworth Halterman
John Robert Harman
Elizabeth White Hay
Sarah "Sally" Inez Wood Hlavay
William Roy Hearter, Jr. M.D.
Virginia Ruth Neson Jacobs
Dyane Monroe Dye Wood Kellogg *
Frederick Fuller Kellogg, Jr. *
Rev. Dr. Lynne Godard Alcott Kogel
Marilynn Alice Mast Long
Karen Elizabeth McClendon
David William Medeiros

Karen Avery Miller
William Benjamin Neal *
DeEtte DuPree Nesbitt
Charles William Neuhauser
Carla Lucille Whitehurst Odom
LTC Charles Robert Odom
Frank Lee Perryman
Andrew Kenneth Lokie Quick
Christian Douglas Quick
Cheryl Whitt Rios

Ronda Beth Walker Roadfeldt
Priscilla Bruce Roberts

Dianne Alley Robinson
Virginia Susan Hurtes Rouse
Beverly Davis Sceery

Tommie Elaine Shattuck
Bonnie Shank Shelton
Myron Crenshaw Smith, M.D.
COL Joseph Buckner Sullivan

Michael Scott Swisher
Lowry Rush Watkins, Jr.
Linda Kay Vandenberg White
Sharyn Kelley Worrell

(Societies Listed by Sponsor Date)

Baronial Order of Magna Charta

Hereditary Society of Daughters
of the Founding Fathers of America

Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192

National Society Sons and Daughters
of Antebellum Planters 1607-1861

National Society Southern Dames
of America

Presidential Families of America

Hereditary Society of Teachers

The National Guild of
Saint Margaret of Scotland

National Society of Saints and Sinners

Hereditary Order of Descendants
of the Loyalists and Patriots
of the American Revolution

Sons and Daughters of Colonial and
Antebellum Bench and Bar 1565-1961

Order of Descendants
of the Justiciars

National Society Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century

Descendants of Sheriffs and Constables
of Colonial and Antebellum America

Society of the Descendants
of Lady Godiva

General Society of the War of 1812 

Plymouth Hereditary Society 1620-1691

Order of the First Families of

Order of Descendants of the
Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company

The Virginia Huguenot Society

National Society United
States Daughters of 1812

Order of Alba

Sons and Daughters of
Virginia Founding Fathers

Founders Fellowship

Aztec Club of 1847

Hereditary Order of the First
Families of Massachusetts

Dutch Colonial Society

National Society of New England Women

Hereditary Order of the Red Dragon

Order of Kings and Queens in the Holy Land

Order of Monarchs of Rheims/
Order of Saint Denis

Legion of Vikings and Valkyries

Descendants of Brian Boru

Order of the Indian Wars of the United State

Winthrop Society

Descendants of
Colonial Mothers

The Jamestowne Society

Order of First Families of Vermont

Order of First Families of Connecticut

National Society Descendants of American Farmers


The Hereditary Society Community