William Benjamin Neal, M.A.T.

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William Benjamin Neal, M.A.T.

William Benjamin Neal, the son of William Benjamin Neal, Sr. and Marion Laird McGinnes, was born in Wilmington, Delaware.  His family has resided in Delaware for more than 250 years.  Mr. Neal graduated magna cum laude from Grove City College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, received a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from Harvard University, and was a Taft Fellow at the University of Delaware.

During the Korean War, he served in the U.S. Air Force as a senior personnel specialist.  He was Chairman of the History Department at Pierre S. du Pont High School for many years.


* National Gavel Society
* Swedish Colonial Society (Honorary Governor)
* National Society Sons of the American Revolution (Three terms
   Genealogist General and recipient of the Minuteman Award; former
   President of the Delaware Society; Delaware Society Registrar for the
   past decade; Founder and former President of the Major Peter Jaquett
* General Society Sons of the Revolution (member of the Pennsylvania
* Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (Camp, Maryland Department
   Commander and National Historian)
* Saint Andrews Society of Philadelphia
* Order of the Merovingian Dynasty
* Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry
* Colonial Order of the Acorn
* Baronial Order of the Magna Charta
* National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims
* General Society of the War of 1812 (Member of the Pennsylvania and
   Maryland Societies; Organizing State President of the Delaware Society)
* Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America
* Order of Washington
* Society of Sons of Saint George of Philadelphia
* Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick of Philadelphia
* National Society of the First Families of DELMARVA (Founder and
   Honorary Governor General)
* National Society of Sons of the American Colonists
* Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench & Bar
* Descendants of the Founders of New Jersey (former Board Member)
* National Society Children of the American Revolution (former Delaware
   Senior State President and current Senior State Registrar)
* Military Order of the Crusades
* Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States of America
* National Order of the Blue and Gray
* Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge
* Delaware Genealogical Society (First President)
* George Washington Society (former Board Member)
* Harvard Club of Delaware

Other Notes
Mr. Neal was listed in the Hereditary Society Blue Books of the 1990's and descends from King Henry II Plantagenet.  He has authored an unpublished history and genealogy of 6,000 descendants of John Neal and Margaret White of Sussex County, Delaware.

As a NSSAR member, he has earned thirty-one (31) Liberty Medals, five prestigious Florence Kendall Awards and is a George Washington Fellow.

He is a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem and a life member of the Patriotic Order of the Sons of America.

Mr. Neal is a 32nd Degree Mason, a Knight Templar, a member of the York Rite College, and was elected Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons of Delaware.  He served as a Deacon of the Presbyterian Church.

He is a life member of the American Legion and has served as Post and District Commander and as a member of the State Executive Committee.  He was selected to be a member of Voiture Nationale.

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