American Heraldry

American Heraldry

New England Historic Genealogical Society Committee on Heraldry

The New England Historic Genealogical Society Committee on Heraldry is the oldest, and most respected authority on the rightful arms of American families.  The Committee was established in 1864 and has published its work in a nine part publication entitled A Roll of Arms, Registered by the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The arms included in the publication are considered historic arms, and predate January 1, 1900.  The Committee's research and authentication of these armorial records is widely respected, and is recognized as the standard in American heraldry. 

In addition to the Roll of Arms, the Committee verifies and registers contemporary American arms.  In a day when the creation of unapproved armorial bearings for financial gain has become a commonplace phenomenon, the Committee remains steadfast in its commitment to accuracy and appropriateness in armorial  registrations.

Currently the Committee is completing the tenth part of the Roll of Arms.  The first nine parts are available to the public and have appeared in the New England Historic Genealogical Register. Parts six through nine may be obtained by contacting the New England Historic Genealogical Society directly.

The following is an analysis of the arms listed in each part of A Roll of Arms, Registered by the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

  Part 1                 registrations   1- 72
Part 2                 registrations  73-162
Part 3   (1936)     registrations 163-234
Part 4   (1940)     registrations 235-306
Part 5   (1946)     registrations 307-378
Part 6   (1952)     registrations 379-450
Part 7   (1958)     registrations 451-522
Part 8   (1972)     registrations 523-612
Part 9   (1980)     registrations 613-684
Part 10               registrations 685-713

The NEHGS Committee on Heraldry
35 Boston Neck Road
North Kingstown, RI  02852-5704



Committee Members
The Rev. Eugene V. N. Goetchius (Chairperson)
Rodney Armstrong (Treasurer)
Henry L. P. Beckwith (Secretary)
D'A. J. D. Boulton, UE
Howard S. Browne
David W. Dumas
Jane F. Fiske, FASG
Philip J. Harris
Henry B. Hoff, FASG
Bertram Lippincott III
Anthony W. C. Phelps

Consultants to the Committee
Bruce A. McAndrew  (Scottish Consultant to the Committee)
Baron Herve Pinoteau (French Consultant to the Committee)
Thomas Woodcock, L.V.O., F.S.A., Norroy and Ulster King of Arms (English
     Consultant to the Committee)
Sunil Sangal (Scandinavian Consultant to the Committee)

College of Arms Foundation

The College of Arms Foundation was established in 1984 as part of a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the College of Arms in London. It is incorporated in New York State and enjoys 501 (c)(3) non-profit tax status.  The Foundation's mission is to promote awareness of, and interest in, English heraldry, including the science of heraldry, the crafts involved in producing depictions of heraldry in all media, and practitioners of the craft.  The Foundation sponsors lectures by
heralds, artists and knowledgeable persons, usually at the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society in New York City.  Foundation events are open to the public. 

The College of Arms Foundation
216 East 45th Street - Suite 901
New York, NY 10017-3304 USA

Telephone:      212-682-6110
Facsimile:        212-682-3465


Hereditary Societies

The Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry is the only hereditary society which deals with the heraldic aspects of genealogical research. 
Membership in the Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry is restricted to individual, age eighteen or over, of good moral character and reputation, provided he or she proves his or her descent from an immigrant American ancestor who was a settler in one of the thirteen original Colonies uniting to form the United States of America or in the United States who had a proved right to bear arms in the country of his or her origin.

The Order was founded on September 15, 1903 by Mrs. William Gerry (Emma Hardy) Slade.  It was incorporated December 30, 1903 in the State of New York.  A lineage book was published by the Order in 1997, entitled The Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry Lineage of Members. 

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