John Robert Harman



     HSC Honorary Member


John Robert Harman

John Robert Harman, Jr., the eldest son of John Robert Harman, Sr. and Gloria Jan Cason Harman, is a native and lifelong resident of Raleigh, North Carolina.  He received his B.S. degrees in Biological Sciences and Botany from North Carolina State University, where he was graduated magna cum laude with minors in Genetics and History. He is professionally involved with research and development for a global agricultural biotechnology company. 

Society Memberships
* Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia
* Military Society of the War of 1812
* Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York
* Aztec Club of 1847
* Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192 (Registrar General)
* Order of the Merovingian Dynasty (Registrar General)
* National Guild of Saint Margaret of Scotland (Registrar General;
   Genealogist General)
* Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America
   (Assistant Registrar General)
* Order of the Crown in America
* Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry (Secretary General)
* Order of First Families of North Carolina (Council Member)
* General Society Sons of the Revolution (Registrar, North Carolina Society)
* General Society of Colonial Wars (Secretary, North Carolina Society)
* General Society of the War of 1812 (Registrar, North Carolina Society)
* General Society of Mayflower Descendants (Captain, North Carolina
* Jamestowne Society (Historian, First North Carolina Company)
* Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters (Historian)
* American Descendants of the House of Burgesses 1619-1699
* Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers
* Ancient Heraldic and Chivalric Order of Albion
* National Society Americans of Royal Descent
* Baronial Order of Magna Charta
* Naval Order of the United States
* Military Order of the Foreign Wars of the United States
* Order of Indian Wars of the United States
* Order of Lafayette
* National Society Sons of the American Revolution
* Military Order of the Stars and Bars
* Sons of Confederate Veterans
* Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
* Swedish Colonial Society
* Dutch Colonial Society
* Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia
* Society of Descendants of the Colonial Clergy
* Flagon and Trencher
* Hereditary Order of the Descendants of the Loyalists and Patriots of the
   American Revolution
* Order of First Families of Maine
* Order of the First Families of Maryland
* Order of First Families of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
* International Military Order of the Southern Cross
* National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters 1607-1865
* Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar
* Descendants of Sheriffs & Constables of Colonial & Antebellum America
* Guild of Colonial Artisans and Tradesmen 1607-1783
* National Society of Saints and Sinners
* Order of Descendants of the Justiciars
* Royal Society of Saint George
* Saint Andrew’s Society of North Carolina
* Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (Associate

Chivalric Orders
* The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
   (Member, bestowed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

Other Notes  
Mr. Harman is also a member of Golden Key International Honour Society, Gamma Beta Phi and Clan Gillean (MacLean). He is Anglican Catholic by faith.

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