First Families of Augusta County, Virginia

First Families of
Augusta County, Virginia

Eligibility for "First Families of Augusta County, Virginia," hereditary society, is open to any man or woman over the age of 18, whose direct, lineal ancestor made residence in Augusta County, Virginia, 'before 1737 to 1800'. Note that old Augusta County, Virginia, (prior to the Revolutionary War), was a huge county. It was bordered to the East by the Blue Ridge Mountains, reached Westward to the Mississippi River, and Northward to the Great Lakes. Augusta County land precluded today's states of KY, TN, IN, WV, for example.

For those ancestors who were residents in Augusta County, Virginia, between 31 Dec 1800-1900, there is another hereditary society to which one may join, "Pioneers of Augusta County." For applicants' children or grandchildren under the age of 18 years of age, for a lesser fee, they may join and shall receive a "Junior Pioneer" Certificate. With the exception of "Junior Pioneer," the link between each generation must be proved with documentation which must accompany the application. Fee: $45 per application. Junior Pioneer $15 each.

Each applicant shall receive a hand-designed certificate suitable for framing, with hand-lettering of both the applicant's name and the ancestor's name. Those who join before November 2005, will receive a certificate that states, "Charter Member."

Every candidate, upon request, shall receive an Application Packet:
contact Janie Sherman, CGRS, Registrar

or mail request to:
Janie Sherman, CGRS, First Family, Registrar
Augusta County Historical Society
701 Donaghe Street
Staunton, Virginia  24401-2838

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