Carla Lucille Whitehurst Odom

     HSC Consultant
     HSC Honorary Member
     HSC Sponsor


Mrs. Charles Robert Odom
(Carla Lucille Whitehurst)

Carla Lucille Whitehurst Odom, was born at Durham, North Carolina, the daughter of the late Paul Donald Whitehurst and A. Lucille Martin Whitehurst.  She married Charles Robert Odom on June 6, 1964 at Grace Baptist Church, Durham. They have two daughters, Charlotte Martin Odom Lytle Perrin and Catherine Lynne Odom Quick, and three grandsons.

She was educated at Twadell School, Durham Schools and is a graduate of Campbell College. She is currently a Co-Trustee and General Partner for her extended family.  Mrs. Odom is a retired business owner, artist and consultant.

* Baronial Order of the Magna Charta
* Colonial Dames of America (former member Missouri Chapter;
   Charter Member, Georgia Piedmont Chapter, XXXIII)
* Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars, (former Chaplain
   General; Honorary Governor, District of Columbia Society; Associate
   Member, Virginia Society)
* Descendant of Brian Boru (Founding Chaplain General)
* Descendants of Colonial Mothers 1607-July 4, 1776 (Co-Founder,
   Founding Councillor)
* Descendants of Colonial Regulators (Co-Founder; Founding
* Descendants of Early Postmasters 1607-1900 (Founding Chaplain
* Descendants of Sheriffs & Constables of Colonial and Antebellum
   America  (Charter Member; Chaplain General)
* Descendants of the Knights of the Bath
* Descendants of the Templar Knights (Charter Member)
* Flagon and Trencher Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers
* Founders Fellowship (Founder; Honorary President)
* Guild of Colonial Artisans & Tradesmen 1607-1783 (former Recording
   Secretary General)
* Hereditary Descendants of the Red Dragon (Founder; Cleric)
* Hereditary Order of the Descendants of the Loyalists and Patriots of
   the American Revolution (Honorary Governor General)
* Hereditary Order of the First Families of Massachusetts (Deputy
   Governor General)
* Hereditary Order of the Presidents and First Ladies of America
* Hereditary Society Daughters of Founding Fathers of America
   (Founding Vice President General)
* Jamestowne Society (Former Member of the Council; Chairman,
   Fellowship Committee; Lieutenant Governor, First North
   Carolina Company)
* Legion of Vikings and Valkyries (Charter Member)
* Military Order of the Crusades
* National Gavel Society
* National Guild of Saint Margaret of Scotland (Parliamentarian)
* National Huguenot Society (former President, Virginia Society; Member,
   North Carolina Society)
* National Order of the Blue and Gray (Vice President General)
* National Society Children of the American Colonists (Life Promoter)
* National Society Colonial Dames of the XVII Century (former
   Corresponding Secretary, Richmond Chapter; Former First Vice President,
    Sir Humphrey Gilbert Chapter)
* National Society Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century
   (National Councillor Organizing Member, Oglethorpe
   Chapter; Honorary President; Organizing First Vice
   President, Crown Colony Chapter)
* National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars (former First Vice
   President, Virginia Society; Member, North Carolina Society)
* National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America
   (former National Councillor; former President, National
   Officers’ Club; Honorary President, Virginia Chapter)
* National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
   (former National Chairman, Radio and Television; National State
   Regents’ Club; Honorary Regent, Virginia Society; Honorary
   Regent, Fort Henry Chapter; Honorary Member, Great
   Warrior Path Chapter; Member, Carolina Charter Chapter)
* National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (former
   Representative, VAVS; Veteran Chairman, Virginia Society; former
   Chaplain, District II; Honorary Regent, Colonel John Banister Chapter;
   Charter Member, Heritage Club; former Chaplain, Virginia Cameo Club)
* National Society Descendants of Early Quakers
* National Society Descendants of Indentured Servants (Founding
   Chaplain General)
* National Society of New England Women (former Chaplain, Virginia
   Colony; former member, District of Columbia Colony; Charter 
   Member, Albemarle Colony)
* National Society of Old Plymouth Colony Descendants
* National Society of Saints and Sinners
* National Society of the Dames of the Court of Honor (National Defense
   Chairman; former Librarian, Virginia Society; Member of the North
   Carolina Society)
* National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters 1607-1861
   (Honorary President General)
* National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (Former Recording
   Secretary General; Honorary Governor, Virginia Branch; Honorary
   Governor, Virginia South Branch; Founding Parliamentarian
    Virginia South Branch)
* National Society Southern Dames of America (former National Registrar;
   Organizing Honorary President, Virginia Society)
* National Society United States Daughters of 1812 (former Chaplain,
   Virginia Society; former Vice President, Hampton Roads Chapter,
   member Captain Johnston Blakeley Chapter; Former Vice President, North
   Carolina Society)
Order of Alba (President General)
* Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry (former Program Chairman)
* Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers 1640-1660
  (former Lady of the Council)
* Order of First Families of North Carolina (former Secretary)
* Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United State of America
* Order of the Descendants of El Cid (Founder; Governor)
* Order of the Descendants of the Justiciars (Co-Founder; Honorary
   Chief Justiciar; Founding First Vice Justiciar)
* Order of the First Families of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
* Order of the First World War
* Order of the Founders of North America 1492-1692 (Founding Deputy
   Viscountess General - Italian Colonists; Charter Member)
* Order of the Honorable Artillery Company
* Order of the House of Wessex (Co-Founder; Inaugural  First
   Vice President)
Order of the Kings and Queens in the Holy Lands (Founder;
* Order of the Merovingian Dynasty
* Order of the Monarchs of Rheims (Inaugural First Vice Regent)
* Order of the Norman Conquest
* Order of the Second World War
* Order of the Steel Magnolias (Co-Founder; Historian)
* Order of the Vietnam War (Founder; Chaplain)
* Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192 (former Recording Secretary
* Order of Washington
* Presidential Families of America (Honorary President General)
* Plymouth Hereditary Society (Past Governor General)
* Registry of Infamous and Famous Relatives in American Families
* Society of Descendants of Charlemagne
* Society of Knights Templar Descendants
* Society of the Descendants of Founding Fathers of New England
* Society of the Descendants of Lady Godiva (Founding Countess
* Sons and Daughters of Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar
   1585-1861 (Honorary President General)
* The Nine (Founder; Sergeant at Arms; Amicus Curiae)
* Sons and Daughters of Virginia Founding Fathers (Charter Member)
* United Daughters of the Confederacy (former First Vice President
   Petersburg Chapter; former Parliamentarian, Charter Member,
   Chesterfield Chapter; Bennett Place Chapter)
* Virginia Huguenot Society (Co-Founder; former Registrar)
* Winthrop Society (President)

Chivalric Orders
Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem
   (bestowed by Elizabeth II, Queen of England)
Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (Priory of Saint
   Thomas a` Becket, Dame Chevaleresse

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Other Notes
The Odoms established the Hereditary Society Community LTC Charles Robert Odom and Carla Whitehurst Odom Scholarship at the College of William and Mary.  The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International named Carla Odom as a Paul Harris Fellow. She was a recipient of the Winnie Davis Medal awarded by the United Daughters of Confederacy, the 2009 Special Award by the National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, and Chartering Award by the National Society Southern Dames of America.  Three times she was named for the National Society Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century President's Award of Excellence.

Mrs. Odom is of the Baptist and Episcopal faith.  She is a member of Grace Notes and the Communion Committee. She is a former member of the vestry and choir.
She is also a former President of the Protestant Women of the Chapel at historic Mark Twain Village Chapel, Heidelberg, Germany.  She served as guide of a ladies regional Christian bible study for many years. The Odoms were awarded the Family Life Award that designated them as Family of the Year.  She is former President of the Byrd Family Association and former Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Petersburg Music Festival.

Mrs. Odom served the American Red Cross as a volunteer in military hospitals and local blood drives, as an Advanced First Aid Instructor, and as Vice President of a local Waiting Wives Club. As a Troop Leader for Girls Scouts of the USA  she  coordinated or  assisted Scout activities in six countries.  She has served as a volunteer at Veteran Medical Centers in Virginia.   

After living where duty called, the Odoms resided in Virginia before returning to Durham, North Carolina. She enjoys genealogy, and floral exhibiting.  She is the former President of two Garden Clubs
and a life member of the Garden Club of Virginia.  Mrs. Odom serves as Second Vice President, Swampfox Board of
Directors for Umstead Pines Club.

Her NSDAC State Regent’s project was the commission of a pair of paintings by Jamestown artist Caroline Taylor.  They are exhibited in the Visitors Center at Jamestown Island To commemorate  her service VA Daughters marked Meander Plantation at Locust Dale, Virginia.   She restored a fragile marble plaque as her gift to Mason’s Hall.  The plaque had in the early 20th century been dedicated in Richmond by Virginia USD 1812 to the site that also served as a War of 1812 hospital.  At the conclusion of Mrs. Odom’s term as Governor, the DC Society of CSDIW marked the grave of Chief Pushmataha at the Congressional Cemetery.  During her administration, the NSSDAP project was the casting of an official die for bronze markers.  She dedicated the first marker to Historic Stagville at Durham, NC.  Recently she initiated and presented the first PFA marker to President John Tyler's family at Sherwood Forest, near Charles City, Virginia, and the second marker to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum at Staunton, Virginia.

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