Nita Augustus

      HSC Honorary Member


Juanita Sue Pierce Augustus

Former President
National Gavel Society

Juanita Sue Pierce Augustus, daughter of Albert Reynolds Pierce and Emma Lou Pierce, was born Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Ms. Augustus received her Bachelor of Arts from William Woods University.  She has two sons: Christian Barrow Augustus and Scott David Augustus.  Ms. Augustus is a current resident of Houston, Texas.


* National Gavel Society (President)

* Order of the Crown in America  (Chaplain; Registrar)
* Order of the First Families of Virginia (Corresponding
   Secretary; Recording Secretary)
* National Society Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth 
   Century (Honorary President General)
* Order of the Merovingian Dynasty (Charter Member; 2nd
   Vice President; Secretary)
* Colonial Dames of America
* National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
   (former National Chaplain and National Organizing
* National Society Children of the American Colonists
   (Honorary President General)

* National Society Daughters of the Barons of Runnemede
   (Two-Term President)
* National Society Americans of Royal Descent
* Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192
* Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers
* Order of the Monarchs of Rheims
* Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States
   of America
* Cherokee Women's Pocahontas Club (Claremore,

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