Add Your Society

Add Your Society

It is the desire of HSC to list and promote appropriate, active societies on our site.  At the same time, it is necessary to implement reasonable guidelines for the inclusion of new societies proposed for a listing.  Therefore, the following guidelines must be met for approval:

1.  The Society or Order shall have been in existence for a period of no less than two years prior to submission.

2.  The Society or Order shall have no less than fifty members at the time of submission.

3.  The Society or Order shall be national in scope; meaning that, although the majority of the Society or Order's activities and members may be from a specific geographic area, or the Society or Order bears a name referencing a state or city, its membership must be open to individuals from all fifty states, (possibly named as non-resident members).

Furthermore, the HSC Advisory Council may, at its discretion, refuse to list any society it feels to be inappropriate.  If appropriate, the guidelines above may be waived in certain cases.

There are no fees or dues for societies listed with on the HSC site, and the entire project exists for the sole benefit of the Hereditary Society Community.  Thank you for your submission.


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Membership Requirements

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Inquiries Welcome, All Eligible Members Accepted
Inquiries Welcome, Candidates Reviewed
Membership By Invitation Only

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Image files including society insignia should be sent separately to the HSC webmaster.

All applications for society listings must first be reviewed and approved by HSC.  This process may take several weeks.



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